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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently there have been strong indications that our IT systems are being threatened. In the interest of security major parts of our IT related systems worldwide are still offline as a precautionary measure until the matter is investigated in detail.

At this time, our worldwide systems are being analyzed further to be sure the threat has been addressed appropriately. Of course, we will do whatever we can to solve this situation as fast as possible. There has already been good progress and we were able to restart some of our most important systems in the headquarters. However, even with the highest level of attention being given to this situation we expect that the complete analysis of our systems will take another few days. Unfortunately, there will be some delays in our operational processes which cannot be avoided.

In an effort to reduce delays and minimize the inconvenience you might encounter we are able to assist you at the the telephone numbers provided on our homepage for your local Schmersal office.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • Sikkerhedskomponenter til person- og maskinbeskyttelse

    Vi gør din maskine sikker

    Schmersal koncernen tilbyder sine kunder verdens mest komplette produktprogram af sikkerhedskomponenter og -systemer til person- og maskinbeskyttelse. Med sine produkter gør virksomheden en indsats for at skabe sikre arbejdspladser. Udvikling og fremstilling af innovative komponenter, systemer og løsninger er en af Schmersal´s centrale opgaver.

    Produktsortimentet med over 25 000 artikler omfatter bl.a. sikkerhedsbrydere, låsbare brydere, sikkerhedssensorer, lysbomme og lysgitre samt nødstopskontakter og andre trykknapper med eller uden sikkerhedsfunktioner. Desuden udvikler og producerer Schmersal sikkerhedsrelæer og sikkerheds-PLC.

    Schmersal projekterer skræddersyr systemløsninger baseret på branchespecifikke krav. Indenfor Safety Consulting (tec.nicum) tilbyder Schmersal maskinsikkerhedsuddannelse og omfattende rådgivning samt ydelser for at garantere sikkerheden i dine maskiner og anlæg.

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