Now also with AS-Interface: RSS260 safety sensor and AZM300 solenoid interlock

Flexible, practical, cost-effective - and with high levels of safety

Wuppertal, 20 July 2016. The Schmersal Group is expanding its AS-i range: The RSS260 safety sensor and the AZM300 solenoid interlock are now both fitted with a built-in AS-i Safety at Work interface. A new model of the AZM300-AS alongside the AS-i-Power will be launched in autumn 2016. The AUX-Power version enables a safe unlocking function at the highest safety level, PL e.

The world-leading AS-i fieldbus standard allows both non-safe and safe switches, sensors and interlocks to be wired safely and cost-effectively. This means connecting to the AS-i safety network has many benefits for users of safety switchgear: quick installation and commissioning, comprehensive diagnostics functions and high levels of flexibility when it comes to adapting safety functions to the application.

The RSS260 from Schmersal is one of the smallest RFID safety sensors on the market with a wide range of applications thanks to its compact design and different targets. With its two approach directions and its very small dimensions (40 x 18 x 30 mm) and with the right combination of sensors and targets, the RSS260-AS is suitable for fitting in aluminium profiles and for use in a wide range of other door formats, including the often-used Plexiglas doors and panels. At the same time, the RSS260-AS has an IP65/67 degree of protection.

The AZM300-AS RFID solenoid interlock is fitted with a cross-shaped interlock system which allows universal approach from three sides. This makes the AZM300-AS very flexible. The solenoid interlock has a built-in catch function with 2  engaging force levels of 25 N and 50 N, a high IP69 K degree of protection and a design which makes it perfect for hygiene-sensitive applications such as food and packaging machines.

Because of the built-in RFID technology, both the RSS260-AS and the AZM300-AS are classified in the “high” coding category and thus guarantee high levels of manipulation protection in accordance with ISO 14119.

As the AUX variant of the AZM300 AS also achieves PLe with its “unlocking of an interlock” safety function, this is the first AS-i solenoid interlock can comply with all the user requirements in standard ISO 14119.



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