New cooperation partner for Schmersal Böhnke + Partner

Czech company 2N supplies emergency call systems for lifts

Bergisch Gladbach, 18 August 2016. Schmersal Böhnke + Partner, internationally leading supplier of components, controllers and remote diagnostics systems for the lift industry, has entered into a cooperation with Czech company 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. The Prague-based company is the market leader for IP intercom systems for door communication and emergency calls.

2N will provide high-quality technical lift emergency call systems to complement the range provided by Schmersal Böhnke + Partner. The two Lift1 and Lift8 basic system allow both simple and more complex solutions to be realised. The lift intercom systems comply with the valid European norms (EN 81-28, EN 81-70, EN 81-71, EN 81-80, and Lift8 also EN 81-72).

The Lift1 communications solution enables two-way emergency communication in the lift. It is used in particular in lifts where only communication between the cabin and the centre or the machine room is required. What sets the Lift1 intercom system apart is the fact that just two wires are required for voice transfer and power supply, meaning it can easily be connected to a telephone network (landline/PBX/GSM).

The Lift8 system also fulfils all valid EU norms and is simple to install thanks to the two-wire bus. At the same time, it has a modular design so that the system can be tailored to the individual application. A choice of GSM, UMTS, PSTN or VoIP communication interfaces is available. If the project is expanded at a later date, the missing module can simply be bought in. The Lift8 lift communicator allows up to eight lifts to be operated on one telephone line.

“The lift emergency call systems from 2N use state-of-the-art technology, are excellent value for money and fulfil all the latest applicable standards and requirements,” explains Christiane Lüning, Product Manager at Schmersal Böhnke + Partner. “At the same time, the products are characterised by their excellent quality and can be sold all over the world. So we are convinced that these systems offer real added value for our customers.”

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